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Sustainable Development Program (SDP)

Lifebank Foundation recognizes that poverty is a multifaceted problem that cannot be tackled through any single method. In our pursuit to break the chains of poverty, we fund a variety of social service programs that address many aspects and causes of poverty.

Sustainable Development Program (SDP) focus areas:


LBF supports quality and holistic education for the ultra-poor, the poor, and the other deserving youth

ACAP (Action for the Care and Development of the Poor in the Philippines)

This project is formed and registered with Security and Exchange Commission for the purpose of pursuing the objective of helping people, particularly for the betterment of the lives of street children through education.

SNSP (Street Children NGO Support Project)
This project was born out of the need to ensure the rights and welfare of Filipino “Children in Street Situations” (CiSS). It was initiated by LBF in 2018 to strengthen the effectiveness of the NGOs working for CiSS. In 2019, 20 groups in Visayas and Mindanao joined the network to enhance and intensify the pursuit of research as well as the promotion of street children’s rights.

GCI (Gamot Cogon Institute)
In the rural community of Libongcogon Zarraga , Iloilo, GCI established a school as part of a larger network of schools offering Steiner-inspired education as an alternative to the more narrow and materialistic impulse of traditional schooling. The school is open to children from all economic levels, from poor, middle income, and well to do families, and works to ensure that no child is denied entry to the school because of a lack of the family’s financial capacity.

LGU Maasin

Sisidlan Institute Inc.

KKI (Katilingban sa Kalambugan Org, Inc.)

Health and DDRM

LBF assists its members and their communities both in disease prevention and emergency preparedness. We address vulnerabilities through community awareness and education while also providing disaster relief and response measures in times of emerngencies.

Core Phils

PTFA (Partnership for Transparency Asia Inc.)
PTF advances innovative citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption in developing and emerging countries.

Sustainable Agriculture

LBF pursues a strategic approach that serves the general interest and welfare of the agricultural sector by supporting farmers, players, and various stakeholders to ensure sustainable food production systems and implement best agricultural practices that increase productivity and production

ESSA (Ecosystem of Stakeholders for Sustainable Agriculture)
This project focuses on working with farmers to produce organically-grown food and farm produce. The advocacy focuses on the shift from conventional to organic agriculture by allowing farmers to share their individual stories to help establish a database of proven practices, and results of organic agriculture.

PESTALES Agriculture Cooperative (People’s Empowerment through Social and Technological Active Livelihood Economic Services)
Pestales Agriculture Cooperative envisions a country where young God-centered social entrepreneurs cultivate and manage, under organic smart agriculture practices over thousand hectares of land, embedded in a dynamic value chain agri-ecosystem and full services eco-village.

CBE (Center for Bayanihan Economics)
The Social Enterprise Program (SEP) is the fruit of collaboration between the Gawad Kalinga’s Center for Social Innovation (GK-CSI) and LBF which focuses on social entrepreneurship with Bayanihan Economics focuses on improving and integration economic actors across the value chain of the different agri-industries to achieve integral sustainable development agriculture.

LOAMC.PH (League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities and Cities in the Philippines) This project focuses on family farms and Municipal/City-wide Sustainable Agriculture Development as long term processed-based societal development framework with strong incorporation of the foundational principles in modern society which is anchored on the interdependence of nature and human lives and significantly influenced by symbiotic interplay of the key societal three folding government, culture and civil society.

CAFÉ-I (Communities for Alternative Food Ecosystems Initiative)
The purpose of CAFÉ-I is to cultivate a food ecosystem of communities that nourish a healthy and vibrant life for all. CAFÉ-I has been running three regular weekly markets in 3 different locations in Cebu. The CAFÉ-I Center is envisioned to be the hub for sustainable farming workshops and events showcasing healthy lifestyle, organic and environmental farming practices seed sharing, and other learning discussion with practical applications.

SFN (Sagada Farmers Network)

Local Governance

LBF encourages better local governance by helping its members and their communities to (i) better understand local government, (ii) access government services relevant to them; and (iii) hold their local government to account.

SIAD 3.0 (Sustainable Integrated Area Development)
SIAD is a framework that offers significant opportunities for local executives, planners, decision-makers in government, civil society, and business. SIAD helps develop a comprehensive and more realistic approach to integrating sustainable development.

Grassroot Governance
This project is the replication and expansion of Bantay.ph partnership by adding community-targeted enhancements designed to bring about the basic barangay governance literacy and increase platforms for engagement in community-level entrepreneurship, thus creating for the program additional impact not only to individual IMP members but also to the larger Barangay community.

PTFA (Partnership for Transparency Asia Inc.)
PTF advances innovative citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption in developing and emerging countries.

Innovation and Incubation

LBF supports innovative proposals that identity and advocate solutions to structural issues that lie at the root of poverty. LBF is open to new ideas and approaches for pilot testing before introducing it on a larger scale for members or communities.

SAIL 2.0 (Scanning of Artificial Intelligence Landscape)
This project promotes awareness of National Government Authorities about the specific functions of technologies powered by Artificial Intelligences, its benefits , and drawbacks, moving for the need to have concrete policies and implementing rules and regulations before its integration towards the processes of the country with the intent of achieving harmonious relationship between man and machines

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