Mia Bucti, Benguet

In 2009, Mia opened a small pasalubong kiosk laden with delicacies and souvenir items. Later on, she added fruits and vegetables to the list. This enabled her to give a decent life to her family. Like the treats and harvest she sells, life became sweeter and more fruitful that she now owns an SUV and a land title as part of her wise investments!

Mia now looks to a much bountiful future as she has plans to expand another pasalubong outlet nearby. Despite the abundance she has accumulated in her life, Mia remains rooted in humility and kindheartedness. During the lockdown, she selflessly shared some of her vegetables and fruits to her neighbors. And it comes as no surprise why Mia is in a good place in her life for you reap what you sow.

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