Resty R. Reyes, Building Resilient Communities Beneficiary

A Parenting Education and Early Childhood Development Training-Workshop under the Building Resilient Communities (BRC) Project
“It is not easy to be a parent, but we should know and understand what and how they feel as our children. We can’t always be right just because we are the parent. It is also important that we should listen to them.” says Resty, 39 years old and a mother of two children.

Action for the Care and Development of the Philippines, Inc. (ACAP), in partnership with Mission Ministries Philippines, held a four-session training-workshop on Parenting Education and Early Childhood Development under the Building Resilient Communities (BRC) Project last September 2021. Resty was one of the participants of this training together with the other community volunteers and mothers from three communities of C4 Bliss in Brgy. Moonwalk, Creek Drive, and Fourth Estate in Brgy. San Antonio.

She has been an active volunteer of the BRC Project in Creek Drive, San Antonio since June 2021 and also works as a Health Staff in the barangay health center. Having responsibilities in her home, work and community, she has to manage her time well. Like other working mothers, for her, parenting is very challenging, especially since her oldest is already a teenager and her second is in her pre-teen.

“I’ve learned that it is important to communicate with our children and ask them what they think and how they feel. We need to hear their opinions. It is not enough to just ask them how their module exercises are. We should communicate with them.” Resty added.

She also shared a story about when her youngest daughter joined a contest and anxiously texted her that she didn’t win. Her daughter used to join contests and won first place but this time, she was only second place. She was worried that her mother would be disappointed for not winning first place. That’s when Resty realized the importance of effective communication with her children, as emphasized in the training. She believes that the training is valuable to parents and volunteers and hopefully, they can share these with other parents also.

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