Delegates from the Philippines and Indonesia Gather to Forge Partnerships and Drive Impact for Learning Exchange Visit

In a concerted effort to address water challenges and promote sustainable solutions, delegates from and partner organizations embarked on a Learning Exchange Visit last May 13 – 16, 2024 in Indonesia. The event aimed to facilitate meetings and engagements with various Indonesia partner organizations, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The Learning Exchange Visit served […]

Empowering Communities: LifeBank Foundation’s Impactful Medical Mission

In the fabric of society, where health stands as a cornerstone of prosperity and happiness, medical missions emerge as beacons of hope and healing. LifeBank Foundation’s medical mission serves as a vehicle to channel resources towards meaningful social causes, with healthcare being a cornerstone of the endeavors. These initiatives embody the company’s commitment to corporate […]

LifeBank Microfinance Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock and non-profit organization engaged in micro-financing initiatives that advance comprehensive and sustainable development in rural and urban areas through integrated social services. We are a major catalyst in breaking the chains of poverty in the Philippines.

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