Delegates from the Philippines and Indonesia Gather to Forge Partnerships and Drive Impact for Learning Exchange Visit

In a concerted effort to address water challenges and promote sustainable solutions, delegates from and partner organizations embarked on a Learning Exchange Visit last May 13 – 16, 2024 in Indonesia. The event aimed to facilitate meetings and engagements with various Indonesia partner organizations, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The Learning Exchange Visit served […]

Empowering Communities: LifeBank Foundation’s Impactful Medical Mission

In the fabric of society, where health stands as a cornerstone of prosperity and happiness, medical missions emerge as beacons of hope and healing. LifeBank Foundation’s medical mission serves as a vehicle to channel resources towards meaningful social causes, with healthcare being a cornerstone of the endeavors. These initiatives embody the company’s commitment to corporate […]

MicroSave Consultants visit the LBF Central Office to conduct Rapid Institutional Assessment (RIA)

Last September 19-22, 2022, MicroSave Consultants, Rajarshi and Abishek visited the LifeBank Foundation Central Office and Ikabuhi Complex and conducted a Rapid Institutional Assessment (RIA). MicroSave is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on helping institutions that work in the field of development finance. Most of their clients are MFIs and banks that are focused […]

Special Reading Tutorial (SRT) Project at Maasin, Iloilo

“As a supervisor now, it is my major responsibility to ensure that       no learner is left behind, ”says Alma S. Janagap, EdD, Public Schools District Supervisor Schools, District of Maasin I. She has been an English teacher for more than three decades and has witnessed the misery of struggling readers who likewise suffer […]

32 LifeBank Scholars of Class 2022 graduated with Academic Awards

The LifeBank Foundation Education Scholarship Program aims to support quality and holistic education for children of LifeBank members. This program is one way of helping the LifeBank members send their children to college by providing and assisting financial support for their education. A total of 205 LifeBank Scholars graduated this year, and 32 of them […]

LifeBank Foundation celebrates its 17th Summer Social after 2 years of Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic had a great impact on the organization and its employees. Building and sustaining a strong work culture is one of the challenges of LifeBank Foundation in creating a positive employee experience. Positive workplace relationships are essential in creating a great company culture that fuels employees’ well-being, teamwork, and employee engagement by having […]

LifeBank Foundation provides social services to fulfill its vision in breaking the chains of poverty

One of the focus areas of the Social and Sustainable Development Program (SSDP)  is the Health and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. LifeBank Foundation has been providing financial and social services to fulfill its vision of breaking the chains of poverty. Last November 22, 2021, LifeBank Foundation Inc. as represented by Dra. Charrie Perlas, President […]

LifeBank Microfinance Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock and non-profit organization engaged in micro-financing initiatives that advance comprehensive and sustainable development in rural and urban areas through integrated social services. We are a major catalyst in breaking the chains of poverty in the Philippines.

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